Dr. Philip J. Rogers

"Thank you, Dr. Rogers!  If it weren't for you, I'd be in a self-doubting heap in a corner somewhere.  You really are my vocal hero!"  -Taryn Newborn, mezzo soprano

"Dr. Rogers began working with my son, Niles at 8 years of age.  He made the lessons fun..., but my active child loved this and wanted to return.  The following year Niles booked the role of Young Simba in the Broadway cast of The Lion King."

-Nakata Fitch, Attorney & CEO of Showbiz Mom

"Dr. Rogers has helped me to hear my voice in a new way.  My confidence has grown under his guidance." -Erin Wilson, soprano

"Dr. Rogers... truly knows how to get a singer to relax and properly sing their best."  -Lauren Bowling, soprano

"I'm so grateful for... vocal skills and character building that I gain from your instruction."  -Shiena Sneed, contralto

Vocal Student Assessments

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It was created to introduce you to the excellence of:

I.  The Rogers Vocal Instruction Studio and Mission

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Our Mission:

To train singers in the proper methods of vocal performance technique for performance excellence and longevity; to provide recitals and concerts that demonstrate vocal excellence and effective communication; and to explore the vast terrain of creative arts expression that communicates stories, concepts and ideas that are of mutual interest to all of humanity.

Your Sustained Vocal Health and Longevity is our mission!


To present live Performances or Seminars as we examine the life and music of such personalities as Jazz pianist, composer and arranger, Billy Strayhorn; the work of Los Angeles and Hollywood black architect, Paul Williams; the vast compositions of expatriate composer/concert pianist, Robert Owens; or 

Marvin Gaye's: The "What's Goin On" Project, to reveal the wealth of outstanding historical creative arts offerings.

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.... requires that we present the best in Performance, Performance Instruction, and enlightening MusicPerformances for persons of all cultures, tastes, ages.

Robert Owens Composition Series Recital

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Philip Rogers, baritone/conductor  Ensemble Voices

Fund Raiser Recital to support future Concert Events

Music being the

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