My passions are to accurately

instruct singers; as a performer, explore the music that defines culture and humanity; and as an arts presenter explore through seminars works of America's creative artist geniuses.

The Voice Studio

Our studio is designed to equip vocal performers & public speakers for effective performance stamina & longevity. The vocal student must acquire and nurture knowledge of healthy vocal practices so to sustain the vitality and inherent resonance of the voice – regardless of genre.

Vocal Health is fundamental for the vocal performer since “the human body is the instrument.”  Therefore, the development of physical stamina within the “body core” and “oral cavity” is essential for performance longevity.  Clients are given an understanding of the factors that contribute to the well-being and/or detriment of the physiological characteristics that impact the quality of their vocal sound.

Quality vocal production is developed as the singer incorporates natural techniques of relaxed breathing and phonation.  Once the client is aware of his or her natural physical capabilities and how to cognitively connect them, the process of effectual vocal production is continual and increasing with time, practice, and consistent application.It is essential to acquire and nurture knowledge of healthy vocal practices so to sustain the vitality and inherent resonance of the voice.


Philip J. Rogers earned the Bachelor of Science. in Music Education at Kentucky State University and the Master of Music in Choral Conducting and the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Vocal Performance at the University of Illinois.

Dr. Rogers studied voice with professor William Miller of the University of Illinois whose teaching technique of “Singing Nature’s Way” fashioned an understanding of vocal performance and instruction that enhances the natural beauty and effectiveness of the individual voice.  Rogers has performed in the United States, Mexico, and Europe and has taught in Indiana, Illinois, and Georgia.

Among his client roster, past and present, are Niles Fitch performing as Simba in the 2011 traveling cast and the 2012/13 Broadway cast of “The Lion King” ; Brad Greer of Atlanta and now New York stage vocal performer; David Conley, choral conductor/vocalist/composer of Atlanta area teaching in Los Angeles. California.

Dr. Rogers was professor of Choirs and Applied Voice at Parkland College in Champaign, Illinois; Adjunct Voice Professor at Spelman College of Atlanta from 2004 to 2008; and teaches in studios in Metro Atlanta, Georgia.  He served as artist-in-residence choral conductor and vocal instructor for the Kentucky State University Concert Choir in Frankfort, Kentucky and he performs as a recitalist and soloist throughout Atlanta and the United States.

He is President/Executive Director of Adagio Productions, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to utilize the creative arts as a platform to observe American and world history through the interpretive eye of the creative artists who experienced and impacted that history.

Dr. Philip Rogers believes that the human voice is a delicate mechanism requiring appropriate diet, hydration, rest, and exercise without employing muscle tension or use of chemical disturbance products.  His professional mission statement is,

“I strive to educate, motivate, inspire, and support those interested in achieving their optimum level of performance health, ability, and longevity.”

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Artistic Vision:


Dr. Philip J. Rogers

With composer, Robert Owens following performance of his song cycles, Tearless and Mortal Storm

Seminars for 2016/17 Consist of...

  • Marvin Gaye "What's Goin On" Project
  • An Evening with Duke & Billy
  • Paul R. Williams: Hollywood Architecttect