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North Atlanta in 2017

Audition Prep
Choral/Vocal Skills Enhancement

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Solo Singers   Choral Singers

  • Enhance breath support
  • Develop your natural range
  • Enhance Vocal Strength
  • Stamina & Longevity Skillset
  • Discern your Vocal Type
  • Twelve years of age to Adult
  • Skype Lesson availability

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voicedoc2012@gmail.com  or  678.358.5076

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PayPal: Philip Rogers (pjrogers2012@gmail.com)

Teaching Philosophy & Methodology

One on One Lesson Data

Dr. Philip J. Rogers

​-Rogers Vocal​ Instruction Studio-

Teaching Philosophy:

    Vocal Health is fundamental for the vocal performer since “the human body is the instrument.” 

     Therefore, the development of physical stamina within the “body core” and “oral cavity” is essential for performance longevity. 

    Clients are given an understanding of the factors that contribute to the well-being and/or detriment of the particular physiological characteristics that impact the quality of their individual vocal sound.

Teaching Methodology:

1.  Clients are made aware of how the

breath impacts effective vocal production.

2.  Clients are made aware of how the appropriate use of the “body core” impacts effective vocal production.

3.  Clients are made aware of how the appropriate use of the throat, tongue, lips, and jaw impact effective vocal production resonance, vocal inflection, phrasing, stamina, and pitch.

4.  Clients are taught to develop and recognize cognitive multitasking utilized for effective vocal production.